Who We Are

… and why we sing

Simply put, Weighton Waytes sing for the benefit of others and through this derive great pleasure ourselves. For normal concerts, the choir asks for no expenses for its performances to groups who are trying to raise funds for good causes. Choir members gladly dedicate their time and skill to assist these groups in helping others. We therefore find ourselves singing in Village Halls, Minsters, Cathedrals, Churches, Concert Halls and other venues supporting a variety of Charities and Societies in their good works.

We sing because we enjoy it and enjoy each others company. Weighton Waytes are honoured to have gathered a reputation as a choir that sings well. This only comes as a result of hard work in the rehearsal room and at home as any musician will appreciate. That is not to say that rehearsals and concerts are overly serious. Far from it, we have a great deal of fun together and enjoy supporting each other in developing our musical skills and bringing pleasure to others. The formula seems to be working as repeat bookings are the norm and with the calendar quickly filling up each year.

Inspirational Musical Director

Carole Readman, the Musical Director of Weighton Waytes is also an accomplished composer and arranger and the Choir is privileged to be able to sing and help develop new works as they are produced from Carole’s talented and inspirational mind.

Leadership Team

Carole Readman is joined and supported by a Leadership Team drawn from the Choir. The team comprises:

John Bralant                                                  Deputy Musical Director

Janet Ward                                                     Associate Leader

Rachel Atha                                                   Associate Leader

Chris Bates                                                    Treasurer

Alison Walker                                               Secretary

This talented team enables Musical Director, Carole Readman to concentrate on future repertoire, programme content and events.

Behind every successful choir is a talented pianist and The Weighton Waytes is no exception. The Waytes are fortunate in having Andrew Watts as their resident pianist. Although vocal in his love of the classics, Andrew is happy and capable of playing music from every genre. His playing is sympathetic to the performance of the choir and totally supportive during the essential “note bashing” at rehearsal

Choir History

Weighton Waytes was founded in 2002 and so is now in its 22nd year. The Choir was founded by its current Musical Director, Carole Readman, following a request from the now Deputy Musical Director, John Bralant.

There had been a singing group at All Saints Church, Market Weighton previously but which had been disbanded. Also, Carole had run a choir in Bubwith for some years before relocating.

During the autumn of 2002, John had heard that Carole had moved to Market Weighton from Bubwith. After a Sunday morning service at All Saints Church, he approached Carole with a request that she lead a group of people with varying musical experience to sing at the church’s forthcoming Christmas Carol Service. About 15 people huddled in a cold vestry for few Wednesday evenings. Under Carole’s expert guidance voices were moulded into a choir. Fellowship and fun prevailed as initial diffidence was soon overtaken by increasing confidence.

The group enthusiastically agreed to continue after Christmas 2002, as a community choir. Members of former choirs in Market Weighton, Bubwith and Holme upon Spalding Moor came along and were soon joined by others from several surrounding villages and numbers quickly grew.

In mediaeval time, Waits were travelling musicians. So, Carole devised the alliterative name based on the travels undertaken by our singers but centred on our home base of Market Weighton. The choir has subsequently travelled far and wide to provide music for concerts or services.

Under Carole’s experienced coaching, Weighton Waytes musical skill grew until the Choir is now recognised as one of the best in the area.

Choir members come from all walks of life and include: Teachers; Postmen; Shopworkers; Bankers; Students; Housewives; Managers; Clergy; Farmers and others as well as retired members.

Rehearsal Details

The choir meets each Wednesday evening at All Saints Church, Londesborough Road, Market Weighton. Rehearsals commence promptly at 6:00pm closing at approximately 7:30 pm.

The Choirs’ musical library contains some 350 items ranging from familiar classics such as “The Messiah” and the variations of “Ave Maria” through to collections of African music! We sing songs from the shows as well as exciting choral pieces by modern composers including many based locally in Yorkshire. This wonderful musical library is subject to expansion as our Musical Director, Carole Readman finds new pieces to be added to their extensive repertoire.

Our Musical Director publishes lists of music to choir members for future performances and which will be practised and polished at current rehearsals. In addition, the Choir has a selection of new music under development and which will be worked on. These new items include some that have been composed by our choir leaders and members.

Also attending our rehearsals, in addition to Choir members, we are pleased to see choir “friends” who come along on a Wednesday evening just to listen and give support. New friends are always welcome.